We are a micro brewery pub with accommodation on the Dingle Peninsula. Europe's most westerly micro brewery brw

West Kerry Brewery prides itself in combining water from our own well, predominantly Irish malted barley and fresh yeast, and a touch of botanicals from our garden in which the brewery is located such as rosehips, elderflower, and blackberries. This gives our beers a unique flavour and guarantees a satisfying flavour that can be combined with food or enjoyed on its own.

Our Beers

Each of our beers are named after local place names which gives them a truly local quality. The design on the label is based on The Three Sisters which are mountains located on the peninsula.

Give us a call or email to arrange a tour of our brewery and garden so you can see for yourself where it all comes from and finish it off with a delicious pint in our pub. Or for the complete experience stay at the brewery. Our 4 ensuite private double rooms provide a relaxed and chilled ambience within which to enjoy your stay on the Dingle Peninsula.