Trans Atlantic recipe swap/Weasel Boy Ohio

Some years ago both Lori and Jay visited us here out on the Dingle Peninsula in Bricks Pub. We had been brewing away since 2008 primarily in draught for our own customers. Along with Donal our then other business partner who also owns a pub, Kanes, in the village of Ballyferriter 1 mile away, we had recognised a thirst amongst visitors primarily in the whole concept of a local brew.

Well, that was then and this is now!

No longer merely satisfying visiting thirsts, no longer dispensed just in casks, we have  reached beyond our Peninsula in bottle, keg and cask. Still, however brewed using our top fermenting yeast, own water and Irish malt thus maintaining our own tradition of brewing with a little fuss approach creating a range of high quality, unfiltered low volume full flavoured malty beers.

Jay got in touch some months back with his novel idea to somehow collaborate, a recipe swap seemed like an ideal way to see if we could entice our customers with what the other side of the world like to drink!

Jay chose our Riasc Red, a malty Irish style red with some fruity notes imparted from the addition of Rose hips from the garden.  I chose their Black Imperial American style IPA Bitter Sable.  About a million miles away from anything we have brewed thus far, a fitting challenge for such a long distance union!

Our brew is sitting a 7% conditioning, where we have dry hopped to achieve that Mid western appeal according to Jay, although we have used Cascade hops, we have not used Summit, Centennial or Amarilo before.  Such an exciting project and we await the results patiently. The plan is to bottle some and keg the rest, with our small outlay it will be a very limited run. Even the grains were new to us and saw us order in speciality grains from our English supplier. Each brewery used their own yeast so no doubt a true exact replica will not be achieved, but that was not the point of the exercise merely one of collaboration

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Year end 2014 Year start 2015

December, despite the fact that it is in the depths of winter proved quite eventful and diverse on many fronts.

From a personal perspective I got to enjoy the Other Voices weekend in Dingle Town, for the first time ever. I enjoyed the live streaming from St. James in Benners Hotel which is just across the road along with a few of our own beers. The band Lost Fathers had been pointed out so I had been checking them  online and was quite excited at the prospect of seeing their live performance thoroughly urban and aggressive in sound they had a strange appeal to me.

There was also Juli Malones well needed Winter Solstice Breakfast Party, where spiced apple and scones were served completed with Vulture Feather and hawthorn brandy and warming fire and company. It was another first for me, I seem never to have made the time before, my loss.

There was also of course christmas and the day after which is the Wrens day, then New Year.

We sent quite a bit of beer to Dublin before the break, our usuals, along with a Winter Special a 5.7% marriage between our dark ale and porter. Essentially a very dark red ale with forward bitterness followed by rich smooth chocolate notes. This was dispensed in both bottle and keg. There was also a 4% Béal Bán in keg dispatched, I was calling it” Béal Bán Light” but was informed by both Paul and Daniel that the “Light” refers to calories not abv% in beer!  Of course I replied “tough”!!

I had a very pleasant email from Michael Sheary of Sheary’s Pub in Crumlin, telling me he had the Béal Bán on a rotational tap over the christmas and that it had been received favourably good news for both him and us! As I replied, it seems to have taken us an age to get this far………

Then of course closer to home there was the beer we brought into Tom in Mc Carthys, his customers had the pleasure of 3 different varieties of our wares!!

Cúl Dorcha at 5% our standard red

Béal Bán Light 4% low alcohol gold

Winter Ale 5.7%   a very dark red

  • Now we have moved to another year and already are present in more bars, just 4 in total across the Dingle Peninsula (Chorca Dhuibhne) Most notably I am delighted we are in Donals place in Tigh Ui Cathain/Kanes in Baile ‘n Fheirtearaigh/Ballyferriter. Donal is our ex business partner and was with us as we tried to establish some sort of thirst for craft beer back in 2008. Still very much affiliated to us he is great supporter.
  • The other premises are TP’s in Baile Na Gall/Ballydavid a well known bar and hostel by the pier run by Sean Bréandain. Kennedys pub in Dingle Town is our most recent addition and I might add with the shortest run from keg to tap! Run by Michael and newly reopened since last summer it is predominantly a craft beer house with a wide range of beers.
  • With demand for beers at its lowest ebb within the year our primary goal over the coming weeks is to concentrate on infiltrating some more premises across the Peninsula………..

One final thing, I was slow to photograph anything as the light is incredibly dull and saturated with humidity not the ideal scenario for a light filled medium.