Dingle Distillery/Founding Fathers celebrations

It was such a pleasure to be part of the Dingle Distilleries social events over the weekend. Meeting so many people and engaging about the whole topic of craft brewing and distilling is always so stimulating. With our bar reopened we have a steady flow of customers making their way through the doors again and over the weekend quite a number of them were Founding Fathers, equally interested in trying flavoursome beers! The “Black Elder” no. 2 in our Renegade series is on cask at present, 4.2%  and going down rather well I think, not a beer for everyone, as the earthy presence of the Elderflower is very prevalent.  It was introduced in the conditioning of the beer along with some american dry hopping. This is not something we have tried before, it is always such fun trying new things, doing the same thing over is so boring!

The no.1 in the series is “Blue Rose”, 5%. It was dry hoped also in the conditioning with Cascade hops and it has that classic citrus grapefruit flavour. Personally, I am not enamoured with the American IPA craze but after a lot of running around the “Blue Rose” is a perfect thirst quencher!