A Possible Nirvana?

There is something so intoxicating and transfixing  living on an edge……..The attached view is moments from my home and shows the Three sisters above Cúl Dorcha beach… I took a stroll last Sunday and reached a kind of Nirvana in the knowledge that I alone in the world had this spectacular panorama,  an enriching feeling where nothing else is required.IMG_0044


Spring and our first seasonal special

Finally we are out of a most horrible winter, or supposedly so. It has been an incredibly long, dreary season and I know some people didn’t make it through……. There is such hardship for so many in our community and society in general.

Putting those thoughts aside though, today is a brew day and such joy these days are…….. Riasc Red is on the menu today and refining on last years efforts we are changing how we add the botanicals (rose hips and elder flower heads) I made up a syrup with the rose hips and we made a tea with the elder flower…… While in the past we have added to the copper today we will add to the fermenter during transfer from the copper…. The hope is to retain slightly more of their flavours …….. Time will tell ………