Blue Rose

The first brew of  Blue Rose is in the tank and all going well we will package it in both kegs and bottles. Part of our Renegade series it proved a popular beer last year for us. I think the citrus had an appeal in particular with younger people who are driving the production of IPA11229902_1050566721635233_1252599802402395775_n‘s in general.

Not our usual style, you may know already we favour more malt driven beers which seem to best suit our locality of The West Kerry Gaeltacht on the Dingle Peninsula.

Rain and mist are a frequent forecast so warming beers  of good mouth feel and full  malt character are usually more desirable.

Recent Beers

With a new set of beers in mind and again thinking in Threes, we brewed the first, a low alcohol cask only which we named “Uncle Columb’s Mild” This beer was a suggestion from Paul who wanted a beer somewhat similar to a style found around Manchester where his Uncle Columb resides and Drinks! And brewed for the occasion when a few session-able beers are called for, we are serving it here in the bar (Bricks) and may get to send a couple up to Dublin. Our variety is red in colour, lowly hopped with balanced malt flavour. All comments and opinions would be welcomed, the exciting bit to brewing is not just the drinking but the feed back.