Accomodation up and running again here in Bricks Pub


Paul & I, June 16
Paul & I, June 16


After a lull of a couple of years we are now in a position to offer holiday room rental once more. All our rooms are ensuite and have the use of a shared kitchen and sitting room, for enquiries please email


7 thoughts on “Accomodation up and running again here in Bricks Pub”

  1. Adrienne,
    My Wife, myself, and sisters so enjoyed our numerous visits to your pub last August! Although we have wonderful local brews here in the Pacific Northwest, I have yet to find beer as excellent as West Kerry Brewing. You, Paul, and the Kerry peninsula hospitality made our decision easy to return for another stay at An Sciobol. I look so forward to our visit in late September. Greg

  2. Hi , just having your Festive IBA it’s stunning great beer @ room temp well done I think I’ve had your bitter ( big fan of bitter style beer ) but it’s been a while . Have to get to your place some time Rgds Graham Sykes

  3. Where can I buy your golden ale from? Its quite simply the best beer ever. I am sailing round your lovely country and recently had the above nectar at ‘the skippers’ restaurant in ventry. I live south of Birmingham, England in the winter.

    1. You certainly won’t find us in Birmingham I am afraid! Mainly we are available on the Dingle Peninsula and occasionally around select Houses in Dublin…A tiny brewery of just 800L per brew.. Perhaps next time you visit you may enjoy again! Many thanks for your appreciation, safe traveling… Adrienne..

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