Fish Bowl

Imagine living in a fish bowl? but instead of water, there is a stage.

Visible,  not only from all sides, but from top and bottom  (so my stage is glass!)

Now imagine pulling a curtain around it to block any possibility of being  seen.

And there I am.

Gloriously gloating.

The late Con Durham and the current Fergal Mac Amhlaoibh Friday’s Tig Bhric

My bar door closed after the Christmas period, Sunday 7th Jan at closing time.  Opening again  the 12 th Jan. for our  Pub Winter  times which are weekends  Friday to Sunday from 2 PM where we will continue to host our Open Friday Session as long as the musicians wish to grace said stage.

42 hours in my home, alone, no interruption, with total focus. Free flow of thought this evening  aided by a Sweet Potato Curry, Quinoa and Yellow Lentils.

But in truth the ultimate unlock to my mind has been the two wonderful pints of “Blue Rose”, that crisp dry hopped Pale Ale we brew!