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July 12, 2014by admin0

I have not quite figured out how to link our blog to our website and am awaiting further instruction!

We have had a relatively quiet week in the brewery and for the first time in a while did no brews. It gave me a chance to catch up on things like house work and organising my studio which is finally coming together. Sometimes it feels like things are too good to be true with having the studio and brewery side by side and operational.

We are looking forward to receiving our new brewery from Brendan Dobbin, within a few weeks we will finally be moving up a notch and be able brew more beer and reduce some of the crippling overheads related to brewing in a 2.5 bbl namely the huge electricity bills because we have been using electric elements to heat the water all these years. We will now be using gas and be in a position to save the heated water in to a new HLT(hot liquor tank)


Exciting times ahead!


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