Brewery TalkNew 5BBL Brewery

September 30, 2014by admin0

Our new brewery has now been commissioned and we have brewed  our first brew. All went  to plan. It is quite a thrill to finally have a proper brewery so to speak after all these years!

A gas fired copper, new mash tun and a hot liquor tank……’s official we now have a 5BBL brewery!

September has been an eventful month, earlier we attended the RDS for the All Ireland Craft Beer Fest. It is one of those things we love to partake in and need to be at but have never managed to cover our costs never mind make a profit. It is always such a thrill to meet all the other like minded individuals who see the potential in brewing ones own alcoholic beverage!

The renegade aspect of the whole industry is what really interests me personally, the genuine toying with flavours, traditional and current has huge potential.

As the month closes out we look forward to the Dingle food festival which is held the first weekend in October every year, the whole peninsula, in particular, use it rather wisely as the finale of the  season and a marvellous excuse for a good time eating and drinking ones way around the town!

We will take residence in Tom Mc Carthys bar as usual on the Saturday and Sunday.

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