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from the top of Márthain 10 Oct 14 Blaskets
from the top of Márthain 10 Oct 14 Blasket Islands

The adjoining photograph taken and enjoyed on a trip up Márthain over a week ago, the place where I scattered Pádraig’s ashes 13 years ago, our daughter Maude was 5, she struggled with the ascent and I stopped short of the top that time. His mother Máirin, in her early 70’s waited at the bottom, just we three were there for the event, a private affair till now. As I scattered the grey dust over the heather Maude picked up a handful and asked “could this be his nose?” we both looked and disagreed, the handful was too small, so she scooped up more, we were then both satisfied, yes that was his nose.





The brewing with our new equipment is proving very rewarding, with the increased production capacity I have gone ahead and ordered 30L kegs. This is a move for us and we mulled over it a while, we primarily wished to stay with in the cask market, but it doesn’t really exist in Ireland, yet. It was all well and good when we had the pub open and could satisfy those passing visitors who were more than willing to try traditional beer. Now our priorities are shifting  and getting our beer out there is paramount, figuring out how to do that while maintaining standards,tastes and breaking even is very challenging.

A lot of breweries  are using the key kegs and we had briefly considered them also, but a conversation with Peter Mosley of the Porterhouse, reminded me of their un-environmental impact, being recyclable doesn’t cut it. Hence our first order of a pallet of kegs, an investment, hopefully if we are to survive for any length of time. As Peter pointed out, he has kegs as old as himself!

The time line is probably going to be about 3 weeks.

In the mean time we hope to send another pallet of bottles to Grand Cru, potentially with a few casks. We sent a mixed pallet of bottles up last week and Wally has requested some more whenever ready.


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