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October 20, 2014by admin0


Into the sun in Burnham Oct/14
Into the sun in Burnham Oct/14


Burnham has been a longtime favourite place of mine. It is on the way to Ventry village from Dingle on the left in the mouth of the harbour a river runs into it and as far as I can gather it is the only place on the peninsula where trees are found in abundance. Trees along with fresh water and the sea, a wonderful combination, the treasure of mussels feeding on the causeway, derelict and broken now, a remnant from Lord Ventry. It was Pádraig who introduced me to the place and I have enjoyed picking cleaning and eating those mussels many times over the years.

The place itself is a teeming full-bodied experience to the senses, visually stimulating, sweet smells of decay filling and pulsating around the shores. Intermittent sounds of singing birds with an ever so real sense of the mysterious and exotic. Magical.

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