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October 27, 2014by admin1


Plans are under way to do a Trans Atlantic beer recipe swap with the afore mentioned brewery!

The Weasel Boy were founded in 2006 by Jay and Lori, both of whom visited our pub Brics in 2012. My understanding is they happened upon us as they took the glorious drive west out of Dingle Town on the Slea Head drive. We were producing beer since 2008 so naturally we all had quite a lot to talk about! They spent the afternoon and took a tour of our then very humble brewery(2.5bbl)

Promising to return or make contact at some point in the future, some months back Jay made contact with the question how could we collaborate in some way,?  so,  short of the mega bucks involved with travelling to each others breweries we have decided to do a recipe swap.

They will brew our special red “Riasc Red” an English style bitter with some added botanicals  and we will endeavour to brew their American style black IPA. This will be a departure for us as we have never brewed an IPA before, the timing of year suggests something darker hence the “black”! We will not only be using hops we have not used before but also brewing to a higher abv%. By the looks of things all this will go down in Nov/Dec 14.

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