Brewery TalkOur kegs on draught in Mc Carthy’s Bar & casks in the Marina Bar Dingle

November 25, 2014by admin0

So,  not quite where we envisaged ourselves when we started out back in 2008, but we are now in kegs not just casks and bottles and since our pub is not open at the moment we chose to bring our first delivery to Mc Carthy’s pub in Dingle a great venue with regular music sessions.

It felt quite historic that first evening with no advance warning other than a pre arranged nod from Tom who seems happy to promote our beer. And so, there were in fact just two lucky drinking customers in the house who were more than happy to test this new product!

How spoilt I felt in such company, sipping and talking beer, how we can wax lyrical about liquids describing with great accuracy  the merits of textures and flavours on the palate!

From my own point of view after years selling bland cold fizzy stuff it really is quite thrilling to be in a position to produce and sell something with a little more character. The make up of our beer seems for me to really lie in its locallity it can not exist anywhere else, especially considering we are using our own water.  I am not sure about other breweries but I imagine the water must impart a huge part of the character to beer seeing as it is the predominant ingredient.

We will continue to produce cask beer coming straight from the fermenters because it too has a place, its appeal is slightly more base. It is a product with no interference not just unfiltered as are our kegs are but also un carbonated.  We have been very fortunate this past summer to have been available in the Marina Bar Dingle.

They have a thriving food business on the Quay in the town where a lot of the tour buses park up carrying thirsty visitors who are more than happy to taste a truly authentic product from the wonderful peninsula of Chorca Dhuibhne!



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