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February 18, 2015by admin0


Bitter Sable, our version of the Weasel Boy Brewery black American style IPA 7%  along side our Winter Ale 5.7%



IMG_0491IMG_0515IMG_0513Sometimes a mood descends, particularly in winter, which is difficult to shake.

The nature of expression can be quite overwhelming and it can be difficult to articulate.  I have always perceived artistic practice to be a very base means to vocalise with the world and its inhabitants.

Personally, I have been removed from this very innate need to communicate for far too long. Various reasons present themselves and distractions detract from ones real reason for existing.

Well, NO more!

Now is the time to re connect with those roots, the ones that were set even before thought processes could  logically be understood. I have a new studio, an annex to the brewery, having evicted myself out of the space that was my studio in order to make more room for our ever growing beer house.  As is typical in these instances, a period of re acquaintance is required and I have over the last 6 months or so only now begun to feel as though I belong.

Myself, Pat McGrath and Colm O Leary in the yard of the College of Marketing and Design, Dublin some time between 1986 and 1989. Pat posted the photo on Facebook, he always was the one to keep mementos.


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