momentsInternational Women’s Day

March 8, 2015by admin0
This day last year a collaboration brew took place in the Metal Man brewery in Waterford where Gráinne hosted the Brew of a 4% IPA called Unite. There really aren’t a lot of women involved in the craft brewing industry so it was a small affair.  Not that that mattered,
from where I stand no matter what we do as women we are always in the minority, in business,  the arts or politics for example. My feeling is to celebrate our differences, those differences between men and women, we are equal, in the sense that we are parallel, running along similar journeys. Inequality in the treatment of women is to be outlawed in all regards and should not be tolerated in anyway but creating quotas to boost the presence of women in various occupations I think embarks on a slippery slope of mediocrity? I am questioning here as perhaps I misunderstand what can be achieved by such quotas. Being true to ourselves and holding onto independent thought should take precedence over gender.

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