Brewery TalkmomentsSummer finally upon us and then it’s Solstice

June 20, 2015by admin0

With summer finally showing it’s face things have  heated up. There was the first Beer Festival help in the INEC last weekend before last in Killarney by all accounts quite a success. I attended myself and was very impressed with the overall running of the festival, I imagine it going from strength to strength over the course of the next few years. It was a delight to have an event of its scale so close to home, very well attended and professionally run.

And then there is the summer solstice come so quickly as always I find I wait all winter and spring for long evenings and when they arrive they are going just as fast, like a welcome visitor who needs to be else where. Somehow it is constantly overcast at this time of year so the delights within the sky are concealed and keep hidden from view.

On a personal front, I have had an extraordinary past number of days, disastrous involvements with vehicles, walls, people in authority and a child who decided to test her high-rise balance expertise!…….The outcome……..all good, said child back home, mending under my wing as it should be. And me, well I get to be a MOM again….fun times!! Funnily as a parent I remember at the time after her birth thinking….”oh shit, what have I done, I will never have a life again”! Now that she is gone I think…”Oh shit, what just happened, I will never have a life again”! What is it with us humans that the grass is always greener else where?!   I digress I think I am supposed to be talking beer… Brewed yesterday, a new recipe with the RDS Festival in mind at the end of Aug. Really want to get independence into our beers, on the edge physically and mentally, individualistic , maverick, avant-garde, anarchistic, cultural, all these states and yet part of a community on our own terms. What does wild independence taste like?! Now there’s a thought! Anyway, had fun yesterday………….



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