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September 7, 2015by admin0

3 for a tenner in my local butcher in Dingle, Jerry Kennedy and cooked in a vague respect to a recipe suggested by Skye Gyngell the Australian chef that I seem to most empathise with ( I wonder if the fact she is a dry alcoholic might influence my leaning?!)  Even though her heritage is  at the other end of the world to me and her flavour appreciation is completely different to mine, there is most certainly something about how she handles ingredients and what she manages to get from them. The book I have of hers is titled ‘My favourite ingredients’ and simply moves through suggested uses for these so you have things like Asparagus, cherries, olive oil,vinegar, leaves, citrus, game, honey and chocolate to name several. What I like most is her singular approach, honing in on a certain flavour and seeing where it goes depending on how it is handled. Thursday I brewed our’ Riasc Black’ which we did for the first time last year as a porter with the addition of blackberries, the other day, thanks to the nimble picking fingers of my 71 year old mother Norah I added blackcurrants, both added at the end of boil with the copper heat turned swiftly off.

Going back to that quail by the way, its flavour both nutty and oily,  boy, did I work to extract all the meat I could get from it. Thankful I was in my own company with no one looking on in disgust as I fought successfully to  strip the meat from the carcass.

Inclined as an artist and human being for that matter, I tend to hone in on certain things, torsos intrigue me. They are the centre of our physique holding our heart, breath, blance and core. Fixating on the botanicals and when they might  be added in order to effect best the flavour of our beers is a constant if recent occupation of mine…….


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