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My preoccupation at the moment is cloudy beer……..not bad tasting beer………just, opaque and “opalescent” as Peter, a  proper brewer would call it……….Brew sheets have been revisited as well as  revising all the procedures along the way of a brew. All appears as it has been previously until we consider the yeast, that amazing living organism responsible for the creation of our beers. We use the same strain of yeast for all our beers, rousing and cropping off each brew in order to ferment the next batch. Periodically we order a fresh batch from Brendan because the old growth takes on attributes which we don’t like, for example, not dropping out during the 7 days with in the fermenter. With the beers being unfiltered there is typically more yeast left in the final product than its filtered cousins. Our method of conditioning just involving moving the beers through 3 tanks, FV conditioning tank and bottling tank each one chilled to about 5 degrees.

At the moment in the bar we are serving 3 draught keg beers, Blue Rose the first of the Renegades, our dry hopped range, being widely appreciated for its well balanced refreshing citrus, grapefruit taste. A nod towards an IPA but more reserved and subtle. We also have what we are calling a IBA (Imperial Black Ale) brewed for the Dingle Food Festival and waiting for labels so we can dispatch bottles off around the place, named as Festive IBA our 3rd Renegade, dry hopped with Summit that American high alpha hop. Lastly we have Cúl Dorcha and dark red bitter with plenty of caramel malt.

Thoughts now are moving  to our opening times in the bar as winter descends, we will beaver away in the brewery producing to suit demand, but the population dwindles to minuscule negating our need to be in the bar. We will how ever still be delighted to offer tours and tastes within the brewery by appointment. More accurate information will be posted on our Face book Page.

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