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November 11, 2015by admin0

“Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers”

A visit to my friend Juli Malone whom I see sporadically, but somehow always seem to leave her company enriched and  feeling  better than when I arrive at her home……Funny how people affect us in different ways, I know we all project on to those around us, as if we see different reflections of ourselves. Connecting as humans is our pre requisite. A need to understand the why of things  a prominent thought  in my mind and Juli lent me a book by the above name-strictly for two weeks I might add, except I can’t remember when she lent it!-

Juli was were I began my garden all those years ago when my baby

Hugo and me
Hugo and me

son Hugo died and I was left so bereft and empty, I took to digging the nettle infested grassland around me and Juli’s garden centre in Burnham, that magical trees-cape, where a river runs into the sea, became my refuge and source of inspiration. I had no interest in food growing typically suburban in my outlook as to what a garden should be. Colour and scent were my driving objectives along with wanting privacy so height was also a consideration. No thoughts what so ever were given to the idea that all plants or at least the most part of them have nutritional value. Not for a moment did I consider over the years that my interest in establishing my garden would pair with my interest in drinking!! And lately, brewing!

The kind of book you would dip in and out of, a warm sea.  Knowledge literally making mention to The Well of Wisdom, a way of thinking about the world holistically as opposed to scientifically. Thoughts no doubt of “mumbo jumbo” or some such other derogatory  phrase to discredit ways of thinking about ones relationship with the world may come to mind.

Thus far I am captivated by the idea that plants can impart their properties to us. This is along the lines of  thinking  “we are what we eat” I have always connected to this and believe it to be true.

Humans have been fermenting plants for thousands of years, using them to impart various different effects, not just the soporific effects of the hop plant family which are used widely in beer making today.

I look forward to reading further into the book in order to discover more….


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