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February 19, 2016by admin0

At my age it is quite a surprise to finally feel strongly enough about something to warrant  joining in!                                                                                  I was though long ago a girl guide which I hated but tagged along because my friends were members and we got to camp out, play with fire and pretend to be nymphs of the forrest (I love forests and in particular, trees, luckily forests usually have plenty)

The organisation I refer to while formed a number of years, is in fact still a fledgling. It was set up to promote and encourage the production of beer in Ireland amongst a steady growing number of micro breweries.

Provenance and independence were part of our emerging criteria and although made up of differing kinds of breweries and people behind them we set about honing our identity and coined a code of practice along with having a logo designed. But it was decided our logo should be bigger than the organisation because it was to represent and gauge  authentic provenance to our consumers,  who naturally have no way of understanding what is “Irish”  in the beer world because until very recently that whole industry was controlled by corporates,   Diageo and Heineken  have been the two biggest players with masses of input to how consumers think about beer.  My own impetus to start a brewery stemmed from this very control which I abhor, we are now in a position to re educate our consumers, enlightening them as to the true nature of the beer they consume. My own standing is to promote the notion of “Terroir” but naturally not everyone has my purist view. How and ever as part of the ICBI it is tremendously exciting to see before us possiblities which will reach in and around micro breweries………

And just like forests have many trees our industry should have many breweries, brewing and packaging on our own Island………

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