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October 21, 2016by admin0


Label for use by breweries who brew their own beer and package on the Island of Ireland.
Label for use by breweries who brew their own beer and package on the Island of Ireland.


This is the logo we, The ICBI (Independant Craft Brewers of Ireland) have spent the last couple of years bringing to fruition. Many hours of discussion and debate centred on the two important aspects involved–The Criteria for usage & The Design–The Porterhouse Brewery paid for the design work which was carried out by Mark Keating.

The result is a crisp, clear, transparent badge with the purposes of informing the consumer to the native provenance of the beers they are purchasing.

The full list of the criteria and participating breweries is available at the link below. 

But for my purposes here the most important aspects are as follows;

The breweries who may use this logo brew their own beer in their own brewery and have it packaged on the island of Ireland.

It is hoped to drive home this awareness to the customer who cares about the indigenous and local  nature of the drinks they purchase.  Of course not everyone cares about these considerations, but the point is to make the information available for those who do…

For many in the business of producing  drinks transparency in all aspects is paramount…….

The recent launch of the symbol in Bradleys off licence on North Main Street Cork was well attended and after my delivery and the few photographs that were taken I returned to my vehicle (The Mothers car due to a break down of my Van) and discovered a parking ticket for 40 euro from Cork City Council, I subsequently received a similar fine from the Gardai for another 40 euro and after two failed appeals the trip to Cork ended up costing quite a bit!!:(


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