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January 11, 2017by admin0

By inference meaning of a place close by or within a set region….On a recent visit to a restaurant in Dingle I took note of the specials menu board which under the Starter and Main course offerings listed the following Local Drinks;

Dingle Pale Ale

Local Blond Draught Lager

Local Cider

For anyone who knows me, they would immediately understand why I had to question the restauranteur on what I perceive to be out and out untruths (perhaps this is too strong  a noun, but I hope it is effective) At least in respect to two of the above beverages.

Retail sits  between Producer and Consumer and  with  affordable spending  the consumer buys  from retail but  perhaps pays little heed to how what they are purchasing is described and presented, is it a laziness ? I am not sure.  But somehow within the retail realm key words of description and presentation become key hooks to ensure a steady flow from their trade…. …..

At present  Local is such a magic word conjuring definitive scenes of conscientious producers creating delights within defined radii  …  All the while satisfying the thorough consumer it none the less also allows for a certain kind of misuse, for what ever reason, perhaps ignorance or just ineptitude. My compulsive need to express opinion on this matter is entirely fuelled by an abhorrence to lack of transparency and straightforwardness.  As a small drinks producer I see the benefit of having clusters of individual facilities creating various kinds of beverages in any locality. We are actually in a position to kickstart a whole artisan industry which could potentially  benefit communities at large through the various knock on effects of our production and packaging processes. We here in Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne produce so little in the greater scheme of things and struggle to match demand with supply ( a  problem I wish at some point to overcome ) But in the mean time I would welcome moving through a world where clarity and coherency take precedence.


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