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Birrificio Antontianna Padova Veneto Jan. 17 Tour with Enrico
Birrificio Antontianna Padova Veneto Jan. 17 Tour with Enrico

Arriving in Treviso Jan. 17



Dinosaur Exhibition Padova

Such a wonderful time I have been having these past Two weeks ….. Primarily I was interested to visit a brewery outside Padova called Birrifico Antoniana. Sandro (one of the owners)  had visited our place last year through an introduction from  a work colleague  and I was keen to see his set up. It is incredibly concise a 20 HL brewery brewing twice and some times 3 times a day. With a kegging and 2 different bottling lines operating in tandem.

Birrificio Antontianna Padova Veneto Jan. 17 Tour with Enrico

Quite an unexpected delight of the trip though has been a trip to a Prosecco Winery and Canteen BIO NDO JEO. My guide Stefano introduced me to Cristian who is continuing a long tradition in his family to make both wine and Prosecco.

How I was introduced to Stefano was equally by chance as when staying in Treviso my first days of arrival my host told me she had a friend who was a wine Sommelier and interested in setting up a business as a guide to wineries in the area. He has a big interest in Bio Dynamic production so this really fits in so well with our own ethos  for our beer production. It was incredibly exciting to be amongst people who genuinely love what they do and see that the best possible path is one of purity to the best of ones ability. Cristian kept referring to the soil and explained how his winery is on different kinds of soil which naturaly effect the flavours in his wines.

Cristian hugging one of his ancient Vines at Biondo Jeo Monfumo Veneto Jan. 17
Cristian in his winery Biondo Jeo
Canteen Biondo Jeo
Canteen Biondo Jeo
Winery/Prosecco Biondo Jeo
Proseco winery Biondo Jeo
cave at Biondo Jeo

Following my trip to Cristians place I also stayed a few days in Venice where amongst  my highlights had to be a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim museum ;



Me in Padova, Veneto Italy Jan 17



IMG_0265I also had a marvellous evening when invited to listen in on a rehearsal of a Quartet while in Padova… So moved it brought tears to my eyes. The power of music when in its presence is quite overpowering. My visit to Venice actually centred around music as I had booked a ticket to La Traviata in Musico La Palazzio which did not disappoint. My first every Opera I enjoyed the moving between rooms in the palace as the preformance progressed.

La Taviata Veneto Jan. 17

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