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Irish Craft Beer  “Bringing Beer back home”

The title of the discussion last Sunday when I was fortunate to have been invited along.

Alan from Minch Malt was on the panel  and  is a fan of our Porter so  had asked me to bring along some beer. Cuilan from White Gypsy Brewery was also one of the panelists. He gave a marvellous insight into the broader reaches of the industry with its implications for farming through to hop growing.  And ultimately provide employment, he had brought along a new stout which he described as a “sour” and explained this is what Guinness would have tasted like 100 years ago. It was just very slightly on the sour side which seemed to balance the roast. A completely different profile to our Carraig Dhubh which somewhat  re enforces how the whole process of brewing so exciting and diverse.

I was given opportunity to say a few words about our starting and ethos but being a discussion on the idea of bringing beer home I also referred to our water which is used to brew all the beer. It is very limey and I believe predominantly responsible for the mouth feel of the beers. Earlier in the festival I had an opportunity to here a discussion between Tomas Clancy and a Bio Dynamic and organic wine maker Caro Feely, she spoke of the soil so much and its contribution to the flavours coming through in the wines. I connected that in my mind to the similar contribution made by my well. For some reason this excites me!







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