Brewery TalkExpanding (Again!)

July 18, 2017by admin0

Daniel, Norah and Paul in the garden enjoying a Blue RoseWith the possibility of expansion very real now it is giving added excitement to what we do here. While still at 5 BBL we will now move up to the 10. Brewing is at 2 brews one week and 1 week the following week still restricted by the fact that we just have 2 FV & 1 Conditioning and Bright Beer Tank.

Draught sales accounts are up to 11 so that is putting pressure on kegs and every 2nd brew is now  keg  Béal Bán (our draught keg typically at 4.3 or 4.4%)

At home in Tig Bhric we have between 4 and 5 draught kegs including various specials depending on the time of year, for example at the moment we have ;

Béal Bán (Golden Ale)

Riasc Gold (our summer special and the first edition if this year brewing with reships from the garden)

Blue Rose (our dry hopped special and part of the Renegade Series but ever increasingly popular so we strive to keep it available through the warmer months of the year)

Cúl Dorcha (Red Ale)


Uncle Columb’s Dark Mild (at 3.8% our ever increasingly popular Cask)


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