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May 14, 2021by admin0

West Kerry brewery Beer range

With the country taking steps to open again, even though it is with great caution, we can look forward to see West Kerry Brewery Ales and porter appearing on menus up and down the country.

In 2018 Cúl Dorcha was the key ingredient in an Asian themed battered cod, served at the celebration 8 course dinner at Listowel Food fair.  It earned its place on the menu as the winner of the Best Emerging Artisan product in the beverages category in Listowel Food Fair. One of the oldest food fairs in the country they had expanded their catalogue of awards and included beverages.  We took a trip to North Kerry to taste the ‘Asian themed battered cod’ and accept the award. It was a great approach to give chefs award winning local produce and ask them to create a meal from it. The meal was prepared entirely using the winning products everything from cheese through beer to fudge.  It gave hope for things to come, the more people that are involved in promoting and developing local raw ingredients the further they will go.

At West Kerry brewery we started from very basic elements our own well water which springs from 150 feet below the brewery, its high lime content apart from being beneficial adds greatly to the beer. Our barely is predominantly Irish, with the base graincoming from Hook Head. It undergoes a specific malting, suitable for ales, in Athy by Mich Malting Company . 

In addition to the barley we use smaller quantities of wheat and oats to provide mouthfeel and body in our ales.


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