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February 28, 2022by admin0

Two weeks into this 5 week trip

28 February 2021

Last here in January/February 2020 just before the pandemic visiting an old friend, Theresa. The ideal way to become initiated having a touch stone of a contact. This time round Maude, my daughter and traveling companion has returned home after 13 days. So, I get to continue exploring.

Our first week was  compulsory quarantine on Langkawi Island. A spectacular beach stay at the Frangipani Hotel. The kind of stay that should be recommended outside of  quarantine where beach and pool are side by side and nothing more than a book or sketch pad are required. A laptop helps!

We were free to travel the island and a visit to the Geo-forest was certainly a highlight.  Having received its UNESCO status because of the rich variety of wildlife and vegetation.


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