Tig Bhric- 30-1
open fire Brics Pub
Stained glass panel inside Brics depicting Riasc standing Stone
Front Hall Brics
A visit to the Palace Bar in Dublin yielded a pleasant surprise of a selection of our beers on the counter.

Tig Bhric & West Kerry Brewery

A microbrewery & pub with accommodation on the Dingle Peninsula.

The original and first Micro Brewery in Kerry (2008), we are situated on the scenic and historic Dingle Peninsula (Chorca Dhuibhne), in the grounds of a mature garden which is part of the family run bar Tiġ Bhric(Bricks Pub) which has been operating as a pub within the same family for over 100 years.

Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne (West Kerry Brewery) prides itself in combining water drawn from 150ft below the brewery, predominantly Irish malted barley, hops and fresh yeast, with a touch of botanicals from the garden and locality such as rosehips, elderflower, blackberries and black currants added to our seasonal beers. These give a unique flavour and identity, known as the Riasc Range alluding to the townland we are situated in.

Beal Ban, 500ml bottle